Tomorrow's Cleaning 2012/07

Tomorrow's Cleaning 2012/07

We hope you found the July issue of Tomorrow’s Cleaning an interesting read. If you did not have time to read the issue, why not have a look now?

This issue we have focused on a variety of different cleaning matters; first up, we looked at Retail and Daytime Cleaning, this month's biggest section and one which we were inundated with fantastic contributions for. 

Next up, we looked at Street Cleaning, which will be of huge importance by the time the Olympics come round later this monh. Packed full of advice from the experts at Nilfisk, Servest and Unger, we hope you'll find all the advice and products you need to enable you to clean the streets effectively.

Finally, we featured Pressure Washers & Steam Cleaners, with information on new innovations from the likes of Morclean, Polti and Demon Pressure Washers.

With all that, plus special features, the latest news and products and an industry insider answering the Tomorrow's Cleaning 10 Questions, we hope you'll find plenty of things nestled inside these pages to enjoy. 

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