Carpet Barrier (video)


Carpet Barrier

Carpet Barrier™ is industry-grade 2.5 mil self-adhesive carpet protection film. Now with XcelStrip™ for easy deployment. * Protects carpets from spills, staining, paint, plaster, oil, grease, traffic and tracked dirt. * Reverse-wound for easy application. * Gentle, low-tack adhesive on bottom keeps it in place. * Film removes easily, with no residue or damage to carpet. * For use with synthetic carpets only. * Can be kept in place for up to 45 days. * Keep your carpet clean and mess-free during construction, remodeling, home showings, open houses, parties and more!

Carpet Barrier™ adhesive film rolls are available in five sizes.

Xcel Strip

The perfect accessory for the Carpet Barrier!

Curtain-Wall: Xcelerator Protective Film Applicator

The only surface protection film applicator on the market that handles all standard size film rolls : 24", 30", 36", and 48"! * Unique easy-load feature eliminates cumbersome task of loading film and roller-tube at the same time * Curved handle simplifies film cutting. Lay handle against the floor, push against curve with foot to stretch film taut. * Solid rubber wheels allow repositioning with ease. * Full size rubber grip helps prevent hand fatigue. * Two-piece handle makes storage easy, snaps together in seconds!


Curtainwall - Carpet Barrier

Quick Shield - temporary carpet protection

Trimaco Carpet Film:
Easy-to-use adhesive film provides a tight bond with soft surfaces, such as carpet, yet is easy to remove.

Trimaco Hard Surface Film:
Use on hard surfaces for painting, moving and construction projects.

Trimaco's Adjustable Film Applicator:
For 24", 30" and 36" carpet and hard surface films. Unrolls reverse wound film quickly and easily making large jobs easier.


Carpet protection film dispenser

Carpet Protection Dispenser demo. Simple how to video on how to put the Carpet Film Dispenser together. Two different sizes:
1. PCD-243036, fits 24", 30" and 36" carpet film rolls
2. PCD-364860, fits 36', 48" and 60" carpet film rolls

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